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Mesh Editor

Desktop application designed to turn raster images into low poly vector art Github
  • Live Delaunay Triangulation and dual Voronoi Diagram
  • Export to SVG
  • Colors dynamically sampled from image
  • Layer control & blending
Mesh Editor application


An interactive showcase
Mesh triangles Mesh lines Mesh points
Mesh voronoi regions Mesh lines Mesh points

Observetree Library Github Maven

Observetree is a library that extends the classic Observable pattern by integrating it in a graph structure.
  • Events are propagated through the Observable tree
  • Listeners can be assigned a priority to control the order at which they are called
  • All events in a tree can be accumulated and distributed at once
Used as a input event distribution system in Mesh Editor, it is closely tied up with the apps model layer.



  • Java
  • C#
  • Dart
  • Python
  • C / C++
  • JS / TS
  • Version controlGit
  • TestingJUnit, Mockito
  • Build automationMaven
  • Dependency injectionGuice
  • Issue trackingJIRA
  • DeploymentAnsible
  • Code qualitySonar
  • CITravis CI
  • WebAngular, SASS
  • MobileFlutter
  • GamesUnity
  • AgileScrum
  • Linux user, bash
  • LaTeX

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern Dynatrace Jul 2019 – Sep 2019
  • Development & DevOps - in Dynatrace product Demo team (Servers, Cloud, Deployment/Ansible)
  • Designed, implemented, integrated and tested a load generator solution imitating complex, time-dependent user actions for the Demo environment (Java, DSL, multithreaded)
  • Maintained & updated various parts of a environment including building, updating and automating deployment of Apache server with PHP using Ansible
Software Engineer Comarch Oct 2018 – Jul 2019
  • Mobile Flutter banking app for UniCredit (Flutter, BLOC pattern, Dart)
  • Online banking product for BNP Paribas bank (Java EE, Oracle DB, WebSphere Server, PL/SQL)
Software Engineer Intern Comarch Jul 2018 – Sep 2018

R&D - Hybrid web app allowing for automatic data extraction from document pictures - 6 months (Ionic/Angular, JavaEE, Tesseract, OpenCV)


WikiGraph Github Team leader & Scrum master

Interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia articles and categories in a graph-like structure focused on highlighting the interconnections. The links between articles and the hierarchy of categories is represented as connections between nodes of graph.

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WikiGraph logo


Interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia article connections in a graph structure Github
  • Links between articles on a website represented as connections between the nodes of the graph
  • Connections divided into accessible groups that can be scrolled
  • Console with search functionality to quickly jump to a specific article
  • Hierarchy of categories containing articles represented to make navigation easier
  • Any wikipedia (en, pl...) can be turned into a data pack for the app through an automated process
WikiGraph application


Realized in a team of 4 friends as a Bachelor's thesis project in the Scrum methodology.
Tools used:
  • Visualisation engineUnity
  • ProgrammingC#
  • Data processing appWPF .NET
  • Version control & RepositoryGit & GitHub
  • Scrum project managementJira
My roles:
  • Team Leader
    • Comprehensive knowledge of project
    • Code reviews
    • Management & Meetings
  • Scrum Master
    • Filling the backlog
    • Organising sprints

CAVE Laboratory

From the beginning WikiGraph was designed with a 360° view in mind. Although it is fully functional on a normal PC, to experience the true strength of this visualisation a VR equipment is needed. During the project our team worked with the Immersive 3D Visualization Lab - a CAVE type laboratory at the Gdańsk University of Technology, to allow the app to run in their cubic virtual reality cave.

WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test WikiGraph CAVE test